15 Stamford by Alvin Leung

Who is this, Alvin Leung? We love his food!

Last Sunday, my husband and I stayed a night at Capitol Kempinski and redeemed a dinner meal at 15 Stamford. The chef-creator-curator was Alvin Leung, whom I later discovered is also fondly known as the Demon Chef. His plates, bowls, cups, saucers come with a very unique imprint of one such “Demon Chef.”

The menu was not quite enticing, with items like “Fois Gras Kaya Toast” that make me go “Er…” BUT. When the food came out, not only was the plating excellent and the portions hearty, the tastes and textures of everything (and I mean every dish) truly exceeded my expectations. I was actually both fully excited and incredibly satisfied! And so, I am going to share a photo of each dish with you. 

In the order they were served:

When you read the names of these dishes, don’t let them fool you. They taste nothing of the pretentious sort. In fact, the tastes are surprisingly familiar with an edge of surprise, and also quite local-ish. I am, and have always been, immensely proud of my local Singaporean food. So local-ish flavours are to me, a great victory.

We were very happy and quite full.

Wait no longer and try out this restaurant! :)

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