Sleepless on the Opensea.IO

It’s been a wild ride this past month on Opensea.IO. Got introduced to NFTs and thought very little of it at first, but then as I signed up for a Metamask account and minted my first couple of artworks and Doge in the Tropics trading cards on Rarible, things were just getting started. Disclaimer: I haven’t made any real or crypto money in this yet. Just getting a thrill from what could be.

So I learnt that to “join” the NFT scene, a Twitter account is pretty much basic. Never understood how to use Twitter until I got messaged by @BitAliens with a lovely welcome message, just because I retweeted his tweet for a chance at winning some neat jpegs.

Also had a lot of fun sharing about my first NFT purchases - what else but grabs from the Slumdoge Billionaires series. #4444 Bluebeanie Uppie was my very first, thanks to the sharp eyes of my partner who found out this baby has a rarity rank in the 1000s. Then came #4888 Bittersweet Pinkie that I simply loved at first sight and swooped up to use as a DP on various social media platforms. Awhile later #7089 Yellow Grumps came along, and I knew he was a perfect match for Pinkie.

Getting into the World of Women series soon, but probably will stop at one. The one’s a real investment and pain for the pockets but hey, beauty doesn’t come easy does it? Plus, a slow-mo flip of this beauty might win me tens of thousands in USD, if Ethereum and the NFT market keeps up the good work.

I name her Faux Fuchsia Charity Queen. Give real money to individuals and charities in need on Give.Asia, anyone? Sharing is caring. Find me there.

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