Explorations into NFT Art Space

It’s been 5 months since I stumbled into the NFT art space. My husband, who lives in the digital world, introduced me after he followed a trail from the mind-blowing news about digital artist Beeple selling an artwork for $69 million. He thought his closet artist wife could finally have a worthy platform to share her artwork.

We started by trying to post an NFT artwork on Rarible to sell. There were several steps to creating an NFT, which necessarily lives on blockchain and ideally on IPFS (interplanetary file system). Overall, it was easy enough. Selling the NFT though, was tougher than expected, and to this day, the first two artworks I posted are still sitting on blockchain, unsold.

But these failed artworks got us looking further into the NFT rabbit hole, and for that I’m grateful. Since then I learnt that having a Twitter account is quite essential to joining this worldwide NFT community, as is Discord, which is where many NFT communities live on different servers.

I’ve also discovered Opensea and Foundation, which are two other NFT marketplaces, that I now prefer over Rarible. I’ve also bought some artwork that I love, from the Slumdoges Billionaire, Spookies, World of Women, cucu magic dishes and Encryptas collections, in that order. The World of Women series in particular is doing exceptionally well. My husband bought it for me at 0.76 ETH just a few months ago and now I’m getting regular bids for it at above 1 ETH, very often 2 ETH and on occasion 3 ETH. And judging from the conversation on our WoW community Discord, my experience is but the baseline experience of early adopters. There are others who have earned enough from flipping WoWs that they can get themselves out of debt, or even purchase their first home. Some royalty club holders (19 of them only) even get monthly payouts - in the first month after the series was fully sold out, the payout was 11 ETH, and in the second month, it was 8 ETH. Hearing these stories inspire me to get into the NFT art world even more, so I can extend these life-changing opportunities to people in my country.

So here I am now, on the cusp of starting something that can be a bridge for the physical and digital world, and at the same time, champion a cause I live and breathe for. Mental wellness for all, through art, creativity and peer support. There are many challenges, because the NFT world is still quite new, especially in my country. But I am determined to make a good go at this, and see if I can create accessibility and education to this world for a wider population from my country.

I hope your interest has been piqued. And I hope you’ll join me in #mynftjourney on Twitter and Discord. Let’s create something worthy that can last through (or evolve) into the next generation. This is my vision and what I am currently working towards.

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